Insteon Remote Control Plug-in On/Off Module

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Control Plug-in Lights, Fans and Motors Throughout Your Home Remotely control lamps, space heaters, percolators, fans and anything else that plugs in Set schedules and create scenes for home and away Unique RF and powerline communication doesn't rely on spotty WiFi for communication Works with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control (Insteon Hub required, Alexa device and Google Assistant device each sold separately)

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Plug-in Control

Even if every room in your home is lit with recessed lights, chandeliers and wall sconces, chances are, you still have a table lamp or two. And that's nothing to say for all of the plug-in appliances throughout your home. Insteon Plug-in Modules let you add remote control of all of these "less sophisticated" plug-in apparati.

Remote Control

While our plug-in modules do feature embedded on and off buttons, you don't really want to reach behind the couch to turn on a lamp. Thanks to Insteon, you can control your connected lamps and appliances from any wall switch, keypad, sensor - or even your smartphone when used with the Insteon Hub.

Sensor Control

You might not have thought about it, but a good deal of your plug-in appliances become quite handy when automated. Automatically control table lamps with a Motion Sensor, turn on a box fan when a room gets too hot, even sound a siren when a leak is detected.


No matter what you want to control, there is an Insteon Plug-in Module for your needs. Dimming, On/Off and Outdoor On/Off modules are available to control everything from lava lamps in your parlor to holiday decorations in freezing rain.

Plug-in In-Line Control

Setup of your Insteon Plug-in device couldn't be easier. All you have to do is connect your lamp or appliance's power cord to the outlet on the bottom of the Insteon module and then connect the Insteon module to a regular unswitched power outlet.

Buttons When You Need Them

If you need to turn your connected device on or off when your remote controls aren't handy, you can just tap the up or down arrows on the side. Chances are, you'll find your Insteon Wall Switch or Smartphone a better remote control, though.

1800 Watts

Indoor On/Off Module is equipped with a special integrated relay and grounded NEMA 5-15 outlet that lets you remotely control up to 15A appliances or 1800W of incandescent lighting.

Bring Your Own Plug-In Lamp

Home control doesn't need to conflict with your d?cor; sophisticated or contemporary, elegant or wacky, Insteon Plug-In modules let you bring any plug-in lamp or appliance to the home automation party. It doesn't matter if you want to use Grandma's generations-old Tiffany lamp or a brand new, mass-produced objet d'art, if it has a power cord, Insteon Plug-in modules give you the power of remote control.

Smartphone Remote Control

Add the Insteon Hub to the mix and you can control your Plug-in devices from your smartphone or tablet. And then some.

Remote Control

Whatever you have connected to your Plug-in module, control it from your smartphone with the Insteon Hub. Home or away, it doesn't matter when your smartphone is always at your side.


Next time the in-laws visit, wow them with your automation skills by creating scenes for dining, entertaining - even a special "midnight snack" button that illuminates just the lights they will need to find the kitchen after dark.


With a schedule, your indoor lights or appliances will turn on at sunset in perfect unison - and turn off automatically when it's time for bed.


You can always configure links using the set button on your device, but it's so much better when you add a smartphone to help manage all of the hidden features your devices include.

Remote control from another Insteon device.

Let convenience be your mantra and use the power of Insteon to automate home. Whether it's as simple as using a Wireless Switch to turn on your space heater or as elaborate as sensor-triggered automatic activation, Insteon is your tool.

  • Wall Switches & Keypads
  • Mini Remotes
  • Sensors

Insteon Remote Control Plug-in On/Off Module Specifications

General ?
Manufacturer Insteon
Manufacturer Product No. 2635-222 - (Each)
2635-222-5PK - (5-Pack)
UPC 813922013368 - (Each)
813922019926 - (5-Pack)
Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998. Protected under U.S. and foreign patents (see www.insteon.com)
Industry Canada 5202A-26362
Certification Safety tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3193579)
Warranty 2 Years
Operation ?
Audio Alert Beeper,
can be disabled through software
Operation Modes Insteon-only
Load Sensing No
Local Control Yes
Setup Memory Non-volatile EEPROM
Status LED Red/Green LED
Insteon Features ?
Insteon Device Category 0x02 appliance control
Insteon Device Subcategory 0x37
Insteon ID 1
Insteon Links 417
Insteon Messages Repeated Yes
Insteon Minimum Receive Level 10mV
Insteon Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
Insteon Powerline Device Yes
Insteon Powerline Frequency Yes
Insteon Powerline Device 131.65 KHz
Insteon RF Device Yes
Maximum Controlled Scenes 1
Multi-Link Support Yes
Multi-Unlink Support Yes
RF Beacon Yes
Radio Frequency 915 Mhz
Radio Frequency Range 150 ft. (Depending on your homes construction)
Scene Commands Supported as Controller On | Off
Fast On | Fast Off
Begin Brighten | Begin Dim
End Brighten | End Dim
Scene Commands Supported as Responder On | Off
Fast On | Fast Off
Mechanical ?
Operating Conditions Indoors, 32 to 104? F,
up to 85% relative humidity
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.2" x 2.05" x 1.05"
Weight 3.3oz
Electrical ?
Beep on Button Press Yes, software configurable
Beeper Yes, software configurable
Dimming Technology Employed Relay - On/Off only
Enclosure Material UV stabalized plastic
Mounting Grounded electrical outlet, NEMA 5-15
Operating Environment Indoors
Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity
Operating Temperature Range 32-104? F
0-40? C
Set Button Yes
Storage Temperature Range -4-158? F
-20-70? C
Weight 5.2oz
Controlled Outlet Yes, grounded. NEMA 5-15 type
Hardwired Remote Control No
Load Types General Appliances: 15A Max
Resistive: 15A Max
Incandescent: 1,800W Max
Motors: 1HP Max
Maximum Load 1,800 Watts (15 Amps)
Minium Load None
Pass-through Outlet No
Power Consumption <0.75 Watts
Supply Voltage 120 Volts AC ? 10%, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Surge Resistance Surges over 1,000 volts

What's Included

  • 1x - Insteon On/Off Module
  • 1x - Quick Start Guide


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