Insteon Remote Control Ballast Dimmer

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Ballast Dimmer - 0-10V Driver

All your commercial dreams come true.

The new Insteon Ballast Dimmer is two products in one: A 0-10V control module for electronic dimming ballasts and a two-relay control module for traditional non-dimming fluorescent light ballasts. Installed alongside your fixture's existing fluorescent ballast, Ballast Dimmer adds Insteon control and dimming to a wide range of commercial-centric fluorescent lighting. And the best part: Since Insteon uses your installations existing electrical wiring for command and control, there's no need to tear up the walls or spend hours in (tight/awkward/precarious) spaces running new electrical wiring.


Shine with 32 Brightness Levels.

Whether your goals are to conserve energy or to add a touch of dimmable elegance, the Insteon Ballast Dimmer delivers both. Ballast Dimmer can dim electronic dimmable ballasts that respond to a 0-10VDC input signal. Depending on the electronic ballast, you may be able to smoothly dim your fluorescent lights as low as 3%, providing reduced power consumption when a room is unoccupied and helping to create atmosphere with reduced lighting levels.


Your two-for-one relay solution.

No need for dimming? Ballast Dimmer can be configured to operate as a dual-relay switch for non-dimming ballasts, controlling two ballasts with a single module. Depending on your needs, you can use one ballast dimmer to vary the light output in a single large fluorescent fixture, powering only the lamps you need when you need them. Install a single Insteon switch or keypad and let scenes provide your dim and bright illumination modes. And since Ballast Dimmer is installed per-fixture, your overhead lighting customization is sure to be unique.


Ready for commercial buildings.

Many commercial installations need more than a single split-phase 120V supply can provide. That's why we've built in an auto-detecting, power supply that can handle input voltages from 100-277VAC at 50 or 60Hz. Whatever your building voltage and frequency, Ballast Dimmer has you covered.


Reliable wireless communication.

Ballast Dimmer was built from the ground up with patented Insteon Dual-Band communications technology, leveraging the best powerline signaling with far-reaching and phase-bridging RF communication. Dual-Band becomes that much more important in multi-phase buildings, making it possible to install Dual-Band Insteon keypads and switches on entirely different electrical phases.


Control every fixture from a single button.

Ballast Dimmer excels at simplifying your lighting control system. Install a single Keypad Dimmer to control all of the hidden Ballast Dimmers and you won't have to teach someone how to turn the lights on or off. In a conference room, program the Keypad to recall a mode for Presentation that dims all of the overhead fluorescent fixtures, turns off the lights closest to the projection screen and lowers the screen. In a lobby, configure a Keypad to quickly switch between Morning, Day and Afterhours where the overhead illumination intensity responds to business hours, all with no central controller necessary. The Ballast Dimmer can remember 400 lighting scenes each with different light levels and fade on/off rates.

Insteon Remote Control Ballast Dimmer Specifications

General ?
Manufacturer Insteon
Manufacturer Product No. 2475DA2 - (Each)
2475DA2-5PK - (5-Pack)
UPC 813922011432 - (Each)
810026640469 - (5-Pack)
Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998. Protected under U.S. and foreign patents (see www.insteon.com)
Safety Approval(s) FCC 15.107, 15.109, 15.249
RSS 210
EN 300 220-2, 301 489-3
AS/NZS 4268, CISPR 22
UL 508
CSA C22.2#14
IEC 60669-2-1
Warranty 2 Years
Insteon Features ?
Insteon ID 1
Operation Modes 400 responder groups and 1 controller group
Maximum Scene Memberships 400 (Combined Controller + Responder)
Insteon Device Category 0x01 Dimmable Lighting Control (All Frequencies)
Insteon Device Subcategory 2475DA2 (915MHz | 0x25
Status LED Green when load is on, red when load is off
Local On-Level (Dimming Mode) Adjustable, 32 fixed brightness levels or resume dim
Local Ramp-Rate (Dimming Mode) Adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 9 seconds locally (0.1 seconds to 9 minutes via software)
Local Control Yes
Commands Supported as Controller On
Commands Supported as Responder On | Off
Fast On | Fast Off
Begin Bright | Being Dim
End Bright | End Dim
Incremental Bright | Incremental Dim
Software Configurable Yes
RF Range 150 ft. (depending on your homes construction)
Phase Detect Beacon Yea
Mechanical ?
Mounting Behind switch or outlet, or above light fixture in a single-gang electrical box
Wire's Analog + 0-10V Control (Gray wire)
Analog - 0-10V Control (purple wire)
Load 1
Load 2
Set Button 1
Beeper Yes
Beep On Button Press Optional (off by default)
LED 1, Green/Red
Set Button Yes
Plastic UV stabilized polycarbonate
Beeper Yes
Dimensions 171mm (wide), 30mm (high), 35mm (deep)
6.75-in. (wide), 1.2-in. (high), 1.4-in. (deep)
Weight 5.1oz
Operating Environment Indoors
Operating Temperature Range 32? F to 104? F (0? C to 40? C)
Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity
Storage Conditions -4? F to +158? F (-20? C to 70? C)
Case Color White
Plastic UV stabilized polycarbonate
Electrical ?
Voltage 100-277VAC ? 10%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum Load 0-10VDC for connection to dimmable ballast
Load 1; 100 to 277VAC / 5Amps
Load 2; 100 to 277VAC / 5Amps
Hardwired Remote Control RJ-10 Mini-modular jack four conductor
Hardwire Port Wiring Pin 4
(Left side) | Pin 3 | Pin 2 | Pin 1
(Right side)
Ground | Group 1-2 | Group 3-4 | 12-15VDC
Hardwire Port Triggering Group 1: triggers when switch between Pin 3 & 4 is closed
Group 2: triggers when switch between Pin 3 & 4 is opened
Group 3: triggers when switch between Pin 2 & 4 is closed
Group 4: triggers when switch between Pin 2 & 4 is opened
Retains All Settings Without Power Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
Load Type(s) Wired in ballasted dimming and non-dimming lighting loads
Standby power consumption < 1 Watt

What's Included

  • 1x - Insteon 0-10V Ballast Dimmer
  • 1x - Quick Start Guide


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