Ecobee Enhanced 6th Gen Smart Thermostat Without Sensor

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Buy Ecobee Enhanced 6th Gen Smart Thermostat Online Dubai

  • ENERGY STAR certified to save up to 26%* on heating and cooling costs
  • Control from anywhere with your iOS or Android device
  • Comes with everything you need for an easy self-install
  • Works with SmartSensors (sold separately) to ensure occupied rooms stay comfortable

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat 6th Gen Enhanced Without Sensor EB-STATE6L-01 - Black

Live comfortably and save automatically.
ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced uses built-in sensor technology to know when you’re home for maximized comfort and energy savings.

Save more on energy, automatically.
Your smart thermostat knows when you’re home and turns down the heat or cooling when your house is empty.

Get recommendations for minor temperature adjustments that maximize savings.

Cools or heats your home when energy is less expensive, saving you money automatically.

Adjusts the temperature to account for humidity so your home always feels like the temperature you’ve set.

Enhanced design, inside and out.
Radar technology for our most advanced occupancy sensing ever.

Crystal clear touchscreen with a 50% larger display and smooth waterfall edges.

Comfort without compromise.
ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced learns your temperature preferences and your schedule, so your home is just the way you like it.

Automatically lowers the temperature when you’re sleeping to keep you cool and comfortable.

Pre-cools or pre-heats your home before you arrive, so it’s comfortable the moment you walk in.

Works with available SmartSensors to detect which rooms are in use and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Easy from install to everyday use.
Install your new thermostat in 45 minutes, and control from your phone, tablet, or Apple watch.

Everything you need for installation is included in the box, including mounting hardware.

Compatible with most HVAC systems.

Control hands-free with your preferred smart home system like Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

Trusted by experts.
ecobee is trusted by thousands of HVAC professionals. Our thermostats are designed with quality materials and built to live on your wall for over 10 years.

Hardwired so you never have to worry about losing control of your thermostat or replacing batteries.

Stays current with the newest features automatically installed through software updates.

Made for the planet.
From energy conservation to recyclable packaging, ecobee smart thermostats have saved over 25TW of energy, which is equal to taking all of the homes in Los Angeles off the grid for a year.

Our products are built to last in your home, not in a landfill, and are software upgradable so you’ll always get the newest features and updates.

Making home protection possible, through your thermostat.
Smart Thermostat Enhanced is also a home monitoring hub, and pairs with available sensors to help you easily build a smart security system. Monitor and protect your home from break-ins and flash freezes right from your thermostat.

Features & Specs
Get comfortable with saving.
Smart features and easy scheduling help you save up to 26%* annually on heating and cooling. Plus, you’ll get monthly energy reports that show you how much you’ve saved and how to save even more.

Ecobee Enhanced 6th Gen Smart Thermostat Specifications

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